Room Makeovers

A room makeover doesn’t mean you have to throw everything out and start again. It could be you just need to declutter, reorganise the room layout and add in some wow features.

Depending on why you want a room makeover determines the approach to take. Another influencing factor is of course your budget.

Tidy Places can guide you through the process taking into account your needs and budget.

Room makeovers can be required for a variety of reasons:makeover

Change of use
Not serving its purpose
Not welcoming enough
Inefficient layout

Guests coming to stay
The need for a home office
Presenting your home to buyers etc…

Or you just want a new look for a room or the whole house.

Tidy Places can work with you to understand why and what you want to achieve with the makeover of a room or indeed the whole house.

Remember your rooms don’t have to showcase someone else’s idea of a perfect home. However, if you are preparing it to sell, you might need to take a slightly different view on how a room needs to look to prospective buyers.

Tidy Places will help you implement ideas and work within your budget.


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